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dj set lists printed out!

Since it apparently works and everything…heres another live DJ set for your listening pleasure!

This one is from July 20, 2012–click on the link and have a listen.  The minutes will fly by like hours


Here’s a set list from Dore Alley Weekend–friday july 29 2011

Earlier in the night i was playing songs that were vaguely about anal penetration–i asked for suggestions from people on facebook and got a lot of great ones and as i went along I began to think that each and every song is open to interpretation and if you really listen to it closely just about every song could be about anal penetration really.   Except anything by U2.   That’s why I love music. The night was in general quite festive at The Hole In The Wall as is always the case around any high gay holiday.  Lots of fun friends stopped in and at times i felt like i was doing my best work.  and heres the list from most of that night.  Read it and wish you were there, or ask me about making a disc set of it for you in the comments section–I will gladly reproduce this set for anyone who wants a copy for $20–this will include a handmade one of a kind cover with nudity or blood featured.  It’s only rock and roll but it could be your rock and roll–someday you will wish you had this.

here’s my entire set list from june 24, 2011–gay weekend @ The Hole in the Wall Saloon

heres another set list (or part of one) from The Hole In The Wall 6/10/11 by DJ Don Baird

Here is a dj set-list from the other night–R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron