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okay lets try this blog thing

so i used to write a rock music column for SF Bay Times for a shockingly long and committed 20+ years until my editor publisher decided suddenly to stop paying me so i quit. It was the right thing to do but i certainly miss my former weekly venue for all of my musings on the state of rock and roll music for the discerning fags and dykes who actually like rock and roll. I touched on other topics too like sex and drugs and politics and drag queens and un-patriotic anti-american sentiments to limp revolutionary dogma. it was fun and then it was gone and i found myself suffering in other areas of my life due to the sudden lack of such an outlet. that’s when i decided that i need to start a blog, regardless of my lack of internet savvy and general laziness or malaise. the act of getting one started is just beginning and i’m still figuring out the basics–like how to post, how to achieve anything like “a look” for my blog, like many of the other blogs i currently enjoy, if i’m barking up the wrong tree with wordpress, if i’ll be ridiculed by the hip kids who know all this like the back of their i-phones and could do it with their eyes closed, and stuff like that. i’ve really missed my personal calling to shove rock and roll down the collective throat of the gay and lesbian community whether they liked it or not and i will do the best i can to resume my crusade from here–after i get an idea of what this shit looks like and stuff